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|21st century art|

Purchase and brokerage with Gallery1503 in Vienna

  • Gallery1503 is constantly on the lookout for high-quality art from the field of painting and sculpture

  • Send us your basic information about the artwork for sale without obligation. We will be happy to carry out a non-binding preliminary valuation and then let you know whether there is interest in a purchase or brokerage.

Art form interest for Gallery1503 in Vienna

  • 20th century

  • Impressionism

  • Old Masters 

The following art is not of interest to us:

  • Abstract art

  • Video

  • Installations

How can I commission a sale of my artwork at Gallery1503?

Please send us basic information about the artwork you wish to sell. This should include at least several photos of the painting from different angles, frontal, in detail and from the back. If available, a detail photo of the artist's signature. Furthermore, if available, the PROVENIENCE of your work of art, purchase coverings and the like. The more information you provide us with, the better we can coordinate the sales chances and the pricing with you. 
After a preliminary examination, and in case of a positive interest of our gallery in your work, we will arrange a personal appointment. During this appointment, all relevant topics will be discussed in a discreet and private setting. 

Contact us today.

Business philosophy of Gallery1503 and art consulting:

  • We are only interested in trust-building long-term business relationships.  Especially in the mediation, purchase and sale of art objects, this is of essential importance, on the one hand for the buyer and collector, on the other hand for the artists we represent, and last but not least for us as the link between the artist and the acquirer. 

  • We therefore see ourselves not only as an intermediary and commission recipient, but rather as a crucial link between the artist and the prospective art buyer. Wherever possible, we try to mediate and advise in the best possible and most professional way.

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