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Emmanuela Zavattaro 

... is a 'multifaceted artist, a dreamer by nature.  She discovered that she had expressive abilities in the field of painting a few years ago, in 2014 following an accident that forced her into a long period of immobility. Destiny, stranding her in bed, opened up a new world for her, Emmanuela, in order to overcome suffering, precisely during the period of immobility, began to paint. And it was a revelation! First of all for herself. She discovered herself lively in conducting drawing and expert in choosing colors. First disbelief, then realization. Just like that, by accident. She conceives painting above all as an expression of her own inner search, of her own being a woman in relation to others and to the world. Her painting is a search for light in the dark and through her paintings she wants to express the message that She and color announce love, respect, brotherhood and trust. She has exhibited in several galleries throughout Italy and also abroad (Hamburg, New York, St. Petersburg and London). She has participated in major art fairs such as Paratissima and Arte Padova.



Emmanuela Zavattaro C 70x90  Acrylic  on Canvas.jpg
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