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Emerging Realism 

Next Competition starting at Dec. 2023

Apply below!

1) Your data 

How we know each other?
You apply for:

NO VIP code necessary to take part at the competition > it`s FREE

2) Artwork

Minimum of 5 Artworks must be uploaded. Max 15 MB/artwork

Name art work like this:

Peter Mueller Euro 5000 The Sun 50x100 Oil on Canvas 

No special cahracters like: _ - /

3) Payment

If you have an Artist-VIP Code there is NO payment necessary!


For all other applications a payment of the processing fee is mandatory for an application. We will process your application only after receipt of payment:

If you want to apply, please transfer the amount of € 55,00 to:


Recipient: Nuts Handels GmbH
IBAN: AT51 2011 1826 8917 0400
Purpose: Artist Application (NAME)

Thank you! We will get in touch with you.

Dieses Formular nimmt keine Einreichungen mehr an.

to our Competition

In addition to selling and brokering works of art, we are also committed to promoting artists. Our gallery therefore offers talented artists targeted support for their careers as artists upon request and application. This includes participation in art fairs and exhibitions, targeted sales management of works to appropriate clients.

Furthermore, we organize a competition for artists at least once a year and premiere it with free participation in one of our exhibitions as well as a gallery representative and participation in an art fair. Visit our website or register to be informed about the latest events.

We look forward to receiving meaningful applications with a high quality standard. Please note that we do not accept abstract art. Otherwise, the application is free of formal requirements and it is up to you as an artist how you want to present yourself. 

Be patient, it takes a up to 20 seconds for the upload application to open. If the upload was successful, a green check mark appears.

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