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Dieter Hanf Profilfoto2.JPG

Dieter Hanf

An outstanding german up-and-coming photographic artist with an enormous audience response. 

Lisa Eidt Artist Gallery 1503.jpg

Lisa Eidt.

Her own real life wonderland where everything is

possible and milk and honey are floating

Galini Profilbild.JPG

Galina Stukalova

Working in classical plain air techniques with landscape motives - a new young talent from Russia. 

Jules Deitcher Artist Gallery 1503.jpg

Jules Deitcher

„Forms are blended yet distinct; pushed and pulled, creating ebb and flow.” 

Stàn Bert Singer Profilfoto_edited.jpg

Stàn Bert Singer

An innovator of Renaissance painting with pictorial themes of eroticism, mythology and portraiture.