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|21st century art|

Explore original artworks and curated artist of Gallery1503!

  • Dear art lovers and collectors: Below you will find a curated selection of our currently acquired talented artists and their works. We are constantly expanding our programme with new and already established talent.
    As mentioned in the previous pages, Gallery1503 is a passionate advocate and promoter of realist painting and figurative as well as representational art in general.

  • Representational and realistic art has unfortunately been neglected in the mainstream of abstraction in recent years. We at Gallery1503, together with our partners and outstanding artists, want to bring about a change in art. Because quality and skill are the only really relevant criteria in the selection of our artists. 

  • We are not interested in taking a step backwards in the development of art. Art should not be subject to any restrictions, but the quality of a work of art can very well be determined by certain criteria. Particularly in the branch of realism, criteria such as mastery of painting techniques, control of modes of representation, composition, light, shadow, depth of space and their representation can say a lot about the training and artistry of an artist. Of course, this is not the only yardstick. However, it cannot be the case, as is increasingly the case, that whoever shouts the loudest is also considered the most valuable.
    What counts for us is not clicks or likes or superficial provocations, but the artist's serious engagement with the environment around him. And this in an understandable visual language.

  • Becoming an art patron:
    If you share these very briefly outlined concerns of our gallery, then you are at the right address with us, and we would be very pleased to welcome you as a patron of young artists. If you are interested in becoming an art patron, please contact us using the contact form. 

  • Also become a simple member of our gallery and receive relevant information at regular intervals instead of mass emails.

Birgit Deuschle Profilfoto_edited.jpg


German artist born 1967: 

The richness of nature, the bright sunlight, the overwhelming palette of natural colours shaped and still shape the motifs of Bigui's paintings


Victor Onyshchenko profile foto homepage.jpg

Victor Onyshchenko

Ukrainian landscapes and plein painter. A master of color and harmony and a fresh, lively, bold style of painting.


Galini Profilbild.JPG

Galina Stukalova

Working in classical plain air techniques with landscape motives - a new young talent from Russia. 

Stàn Bert Singer_edited.jpg

Stàn Bert Singer

An innovator of Renaissance painting with pictorial themes of eroticism, mythology, and portraiture.




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