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How to become a GOR salon member

and what are the requirements: 

1st: Do the application here

2nd: If preselected, you will receive a personal e-mail with the request to send us more of your work. 

3rd: You will receive an acceptance or rejection within 3 weeks whether you are accepted as a member.

3th: If you have been accepted as a member, then a membership fee of Euro 210.- per year will be charged

You will be invited to

exclusive contests and competitions.


Winner und juried Members will take part in our Gallery-Partner-sales-programm.

You will receive discounted entry fees to our trade show events. 

You will be exclusively recommended or referred to appropriate collectors and partners.

As a member you can position up to 5 of your works free of charge on our homepage and receive a free mini profile on our homepage.

You will be listed on international sales plattforms, in consultation with you, free of charge with up to 5 works. 

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