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Art fair Konstanz
2022 07 21 bis 24

  • 1) Information

Gallery 1503 offers emerging artists the opportunity to participate in art fairs. We know how difficult it is to successfully take the first right steps.

If you want to participate in a fair for the first time, it is associated with many challenges and costs. We therefore offer the opportunity to be represented at one of our fairs after reviewing your documents and successful curation by Gallery1503. The detailed provisions for participation and payment conditions and the like are regulated in our contract, which we will send to you in the event of a positive application.

Conditions for  applies:
- Application fee € 55,00 payable after uploading your documents. This is non-refundable and will be charged as an expense allowance.
- Participation fee art fair: depending on the art fair and space for your pictures, numbers of painting and further details. Starting at about € 850,00
- Commission on sales price: Details in the contract

  • 2) Payment

  • Please note that an application without prior receipt of payment will not be considered.

  • After receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation from us.

  • Then the evaluation process starts.

  • As soon as the evaluation process is completed, usually after 1-2 weeks, you will receive a request from us to upload your artwork and documents.

If you want to apply, please transfer the amount of € 55,00 to:

Recipient: Gallery1503 
IBAN: AT51 2011 1826 8917 0400
Purpose: Artist Application (NAME)

  • 3) Application

How to apply:

  • CV no longer than 3 A4 - PDF

    • Name your file like this: John Lennon ( - Painter - London - 1980

    • Explanation: Artist name - type of artist - Resident - date of birth 

  • 4 to max. 8 artworks - jpg high resolution - Minimum 5 MB Maximum 15MB / Painting

    • Name your file of the art work as following:John Lennon - The rainbow - 2020 - Oil - 40 x50 -1500 

    • Name of the artist - Title of painting - Year of creation - medium - size (with/high) - prize

  • Photo from you - jpg. Named: John Lennon - London -Profilfoto.jpg

  • Photo from you showing you working on a piece of art. Named: John Lennon - London -Profileatwork.jpg

            When uploading you are asked your name: 

            Example: John Lennon - Painter - London - 1980

           Upload here points 1,2 and 3 JPG, PDF , multiple file upload possible

  • Please do not submit any documents than those listed above - otherwise you will be deleted and disqualified. If you submit before payment, this can lead to disqualification.

  • Good luck!

  • In case of a successful application, you will receive the contract and all further information concerning the cooperation with Gallery1503 and you as a valued artist.

  • If your application was not successful, you have the possibility to apply again after 6 months.