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Galerie 15o3


|21st century art|

Gallery1503 Vienna - Specialist for Old- and New Masters

Gallery1503 in Vienna sees itself as a profound mediator of masterpieces in figurative and representational art. 

We want to distance ourselves from the mainstream of abstract and non-representational forms of expression and other art trends, and establish a new basis for art in Vienna that is indebted to skill.

  • Our mission:​​

  •  We believe in the technologies of the future such as virtual presentations, Augmented Reality.​

  • Baut we alos believe that social media is only one part of the game. There is nothing better than a personal conversation and a personal contact with collectors and art lovers. This is the only way to build lasting relationships that produce satisfying results for the collector, the artist and us as a gallery. That is why we put the main focus of our work on personal contact and not on Google rankings.

  • We work hard to get the best possibilities for our artist at art fairs and commissions.​

  • We want to establish new masters  - and this at the best level.​

  • likewise we are doing this by continuously improving our sales opportunities, with the focus on fairs, individual contacts and in addition with virtual spaces.

  • Gallery1503 therefore is only selecting serious partners to achieve these goals.

  • Beside selling on fairs we offer the possibility to view selected works in our showroom in Vienna. Furthermore, we mediate old and new masters. By masters, we understand masterly skill in the very own sense of the word. The aim of 1503 is to bring figurative painting, back into the focus of interest, and to appreciate, present and sell real skill and true mastery. 

  • Our interest and services are directed at buyers, sellers, collectors, and new emerging artists, as well as artists and art lovers in general. 1503 does sales to private individuals and collectors. We accept commissions as commission agent and thus guarantee the strictest anonymity and discretion to the commissioners.

  • Application for artists: For the internal evaluation of an admission, we kindly ask you to send us your application/application documents at our application site.

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